ReForum LIVE: FUTURE OF WORK, on September 17th

ANCOR takes on the role of the International HR Partner for the International online-conference on global labor and education markets trends ReForum LIVE: FUTURE OF WORK, as of September 17th.

Key issues of the program:
ℹ️ Overview 2030: Labor & education market trends by The Economist IU;
ℹ️ A new world of independent professionals: borderless career opportunities;
ℹ️ Willful blindness: how to avoid fatal mistakes when you run a business;
ℹ️ Skills of the future one should start developing right now to be attractive for labor markets in 10 years;
ℹ️ Health as a priority for building a creative and a strong team;
ℹ️ Discovering Amazon experience: how innovative products are created beyond obvious ideas.

⭐️Annemarie Muntz, President of the World Employment Confederation (WEC), Managing PR Director at Randstad;
⭐️Joanna Peña-Bickley, Head of Research & Design at Amazon;
⭐️Margaret Heffernan, Professor at the University of Bath School of Management, TED-speaker;
⭐️John Ferguson, Director of Country Analysis at The Economist.

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