EBA HR Hub Kharkiv: Employer Branding. The Art and Science

A strong and reputable HR brand gives a competitive edge to the company in the labor market. It allows the decrease of recruitment costs to 10 % and attract twice as many candidates сompared to those with a weak Employer Brand. According to the recent survey of Ancor Ukraine, 62 % of the job applicants surf social media sites looking for the information about the company before applying a resume. 50 % of the candidates refuse to work in a company with a bad reputation even with a higher salary.

In the meeting of HR Hub, Andriy Daniliuk, Business Development Director of Ancor Ukraine, introduced the participants to the main tools of Employer Branding. He also underlined the importance of Employer Value Proposition, since the opinions of the employers and the applicants concerning working conditions do not coincide.

A nice surprise for the attendees was a lottery drawing with prizes from ANCOR.

Many thanks to the speaker for the valuable content! We wish the participants success in Employer Branding of their companies!

Photo and report is a courtesy of EBA Kharkiv


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