New country in ANCOR family: exclusive interview with Richard Malpeli, ANCOR Thailand
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New country in ANCOR family: exclusive interview with Richard Malpeli, ANCOR Thailand

New country in ANCOR family: exclusive interview with Richard Malpeli, ANCOR  Thailand

Can you tell in a few words about your company?

Parker Bridge Recruitment, originally founded in London, UK in 1988 has expanded beyond expectations since its inception. Initially going into the AUS and NZ markets where it systematically gained market share, and then moving into Thailand in 2008 given the huge potential across South East Asia and the region.

The Bangkok office didn’t experience much growth until I joined the business in 2013. At that point I proactively rebranded the organization and relaunched in the market. We reached an outstanding milestone to grow the business from 3 employees into 35+ employees today coupled with 800% growth in revenue and NP.

Today, we are on our way to become the fastest growing recruitment company in Thailand. Our unparalleled strategic partnerships, and consistent recruitment awards are a testament to our commitment to excellence and growth. Moreover, our new collaboration with CIPD reiterates our strong emphasis on driving HR best practices across the region.

As the first ever consulting business to create a dedicated recruitment training academy in SEA, we have excelled in reaching the talent gaps in the market and drive learning initiatives to support both our employee’s and our client’s talent development needs. In addition to this, we also have access to 10,000+ UK and US educated local graduates which in turn will be the future leaders across organizations.

What are your expectations from joining Ancor group of companies?

Our key expectation from joining ANCOR is to enhance our infrastructure and service offerings to take our business to the next level. It was my personal dream to eventually sell the business to a corporate and now it’s a reality. Now the hard work really starts, and we are more excited than ever before for the challenges as well as rewards ahead. I look forward to working with a dynamic and versatile professional with backgrounds that span different geographies and industries to make this new venture a huge success. The personal development is something I feel very excited about, the opportunity to learn new skills and understand the operating models of a leasing industry leader is very exciting.

Our situation is uniquely an anomaly, this is the first time to the best of my knowledge, where a staffing business will HQ in Bangkok to lead its expansion across South East Asia.

Tell us about the general situation in the labour market of your country/countries, major trends, challenges the clients and candidates are facing, your own challenges as an HR provider.

Thailand is a highly candidate driven market with distinctive cultural influences that shape its talent identification and retention trends. With an abundance of 78,000+ open vacancies and less than 1% unemployment, candidates are in a powerful position. Thailand has only 200 registered recruitment businesses and only a handful have any significant market share or specialization.

The key challenge is therefore managing candidates and sustaining control in the process, given the nature of this candidate driven market. For this reason, the graduate scheme is so critical for organizations to ensure they can identify and successfully develop future leaders.

In your opinion, how your company would benefit from joining Ancor? What opportunities do you see in terms of new products and services in your market?

By joining the Ancor Group of companies, we have an incredible opportunity to enhance our position in the market and reputation as well as provide multifaceted services that address various kinds of staffing needs. We can add value to our existing client relationships by offering a one stop solution which comprises of new services that we could not previously, supporting them to streamline operations, which will inevitably strengthen our partnerships.

Based on our market research and word of mouth, it is well known that the Thai market has been awaiting another big player to arrive. I am absolutely sure that our local market expertise and ANCOR’s 30 years staffing industry experience will allow us to become the market leader in Thailand within the next few years.

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