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System Support Specialist

Provide Tech Support  

System support specialists answer requests for software and hardware support throughout the various IT systems.  

The Specialist is responsible for the creation, improvement, and implementation of 1C information systems including but not limited to database, website and box office systems.  

Provides primary technical support for:

  • Microsoft Windows systems;  
  • Oversees data entry and data management for 1C databases (ERP&UPP), including maintaining existing databases, and creating new reports as needed;
  • Provides hardware/equipment maintenance: Sets up computers, accounts/logins/access controls, email accounts, phones, etc. for 1C.

Troubleshoot Problems  

System support specialists troubleshoot hardware problems and find fixes for them. This work involves computers, phones, safes, printers, and all digital systems connected to the network. In addition to handling hardware, system support specialists also test software programs for defects and bugs. 

Install and Upgrade Software and Hardware  

System support specialists install new software and connect new hardware to existing networks. They also upgrade software packages and outdated hardware, which can include adding memory, replacing drives, and installing accessories.

Back Up Data  

System support specialists back up data files and information to prevent loss during system upgrades and equipment replacement procedures.  

Remove Viruses and Malware

System support specialists remove viruses, malware, and other damaging programs from software.  

Train Staff  

System support specialists train staff members to use various software programs and pieces of hardware, such as network printers.  Provides information systems training for 1C users; creates information systems user manuals; generates related training, and resource materials.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Computer skills – excellent computer skills are essential for system support specialists, who work with multiple types of software and hardware;
  • Fluent English (written and verbal);
  • High analytical skills;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Process Improvement approach;
  • Time management – system support specialists use time management skills to prioritize support tasks and complete job duties efficiently;
  • Communication skills – system support specialists need excellent communication skills to listen to problems reported by users and to relay information regarding the proper use of software and equipment;
  • Problem-solving skills – system support specialists diagnose and repair problems with software and hardware, which requires strong problem-solving skills.
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